Infant & Senior Protection


How infant monitoring system works?

We have state of the art ‘camera built in with noise sensor to install the baby or children room, when baby or children is crying more than certain preset time, an image will be sent to on 24/7 live 6 command centre, and our center will instantly notify the parent.

How the senior citizen system works?

We have a portable small size image the senior citizen, and the senior citizen can press the button in the event of emergency and the 24/7 live 6 command centre will instantly request and inform the family instantly, or notify the ambulance if required.

What happen if I have an existing alarm system?

From our latest survey, we encounter a home with more than 1 security system. However, Panther911 devices can inter-connect your existing alarm system without any cost.

How the children monitoring security system works?

We know how on this application, due to sensitivity & security of this services, we can only disclosed to intent party, please contact us below.

Monthly payment?

Package ranging from RM 150 per month

We provide free onsite risk assessment or consultation for any home or business application. Please feel free to contact us. As they is many security central command service in the market, we are definitely confident, once you have visit us and compare with others, you will be understand what we mean is “Seeing Is Believing”.