Panther 911 Central Monitoring System provides a complete home security solution with our 24-hour, real time monitoring service. We ensure you to eliminate unnecessary trauma cause by false alarm.

Who can use the 'Panther 911' real time security system?

Any premise from Bungalow, Semi-D, Terrace house, Apartment, Condominium, Resort Home.

How does 'Panther 911' protect my premise?

Our success story almost 100% frighten away the intruder by any of our 6 command centres, because of all our call to PDRM confirm by virtual pictures.

What happen if I have existing alarm system?

From our latest survey, we encounter a home with more than 1 security system. However, Panther911 devices can inter-connect your existing alarm system without any additional cost.

Any back up or Installer nearby my home?

We have more than 500 dealers/installers throughout Malaysia.

Monthly payment?

From as low as RM 99.00 per month, you will enjoy the latest protection.


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