Home Protection


Who can use the ‘Panther911’ real time security system?

Any premise from Bungalow, Semi-D, Terrace house, Apartment, Condominium, Resort Home.

How does ‘Panther911’ protect my premise?

Our success story almost 100% frighten away the intruder by any of our 6 command centres, because of all our call to PDRM confirm by virtual pictures.

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What happen if I have an existing alarm system?

From our latest survey, we encounter a home with more than 1 security system. However, Panther911 devices can inter-connect your existing alarm system without any additional cost.

Any back up or Installer nearby my home?

We have more than 500 dealers/installers throughout Malaysia.

Monthly payment?

From as low as RM 99.00 per month, you will enjoy the latest protection.

We provide free onsite risk assessment or consultation for any home or business application. Please feel free to contact us. As they is many security central command service in the market, we are definitely confident, once you have visit us and compare with others, you will be understand what we mean is “Seeing Is Believing”.