Business Protection


What type of Business can use the Panther911 security system?

Any Business types from Offices, Fast Food Chains, Restaurants, Banks, Retail Shops, Warehouses and others.

How does the Panther911 secure my premise?

Our success story almost 100% frighten away the intruder by any of our 6 command centres, because of all our call to PDRM confirm by virtual pictures.

What if I have an existing alarm system?

From our latest survey, we encounter a home with more than 1 security system. However, Panther911 devices can inter-connect your existing alarm system without any cost.

How do we respond to an incident?

Panther911 have a MoU SAFECAM Partnership with Royal Police Malaysia signed on 25 April 2014 with the Head Of Police Malaysia (PDRM), witnessed by IGP Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Khalid b. Abu Bakar. Any call from any 6 command centre to each state Bilik Gerakan (Operation Room), the PDRM will take any immediate action.

What if there is any power/internet outage?

Panther911 system has a back solution for both power/internet in your premise which is included in the package with additional cost

Any back up service or installer nearby my office?

We have dealer around 500 throughout Malaysia, will respond to your need instantly.

Monthly payment?

Please contact us for the free consultation for exact pricing or email us at [email protected]

We provide free onsite risk assessment or consultation for any home or business application. Please feel free to contact us. As they is many security central command service in the market, we are definitely confident, once you have visit us and compare with others, you will be understand what we mean is “Seeing Is Believing”.